Attention mosquito haters

The Mentelle Neighborhood Association has partnered with Bat BnB, a new local business to offer residents attractive wooden bat boxes that can be installed on your property and which will hopefully reduce mosquitos and other insects without the needs for chemicals, whilst enhancing the look of your property.

The manufacturer has plenty of information and pictures of the boxes on their website ( or you can contact Richard Coles for more details.  

At this time we are trying to find out if anybody is interesting in buying a box – we do not yet know the final price and whether we can get a discount as part of the Association but it does sound like we can get free installation and free advice as to the best placement. Bat BnB has indicated they might sell for $179 to $199.

Please email or call Richard Coles on (859) 533 3216 or  to confirm your interest on or before Wednesday July 26